George Speaks


After the first few strips I made, I figured this was just a little “me” project. I made this for my friends and family, and had no expectations of heavy traffic. Because of this, I have been very slow about posting new content. It was really just a “post when the idea hits me” kinda thing. However, in the last few days I’ve seen a HUGE uptick in the views here and I am honored and humbled to have so many people reading my comics.

Now I don’t want to be a bad web comic creator, and I’m told a good web comic needs consistent updates… Well I’m here to say that I will be doing everything in my power to get a strip or some other art out once a week. Thank you all SO much for stopping by. It’s a great feeling to have so many people reading these all of a sudden. You are all very appreciated and if you have thoughts, ideas or other comments about this little project of mine, this is a great place to let me know! Hold on tight, folks, this comic is about to start moving again!

-George V Berger


Well I’m back. I started this comic almost a year ago, but then I got married, got a new job and started teaching game design at a local college. I’ve been so busy it hurts, but the up side is I’ve had lots of time to think about the direction of this comic. I am really looking forward to making more posts, this is my little slice of heaven, making comics for all of you. Hope I get my old readers back, I do feel pretty bad for jumping ship for a while

-George V Berger


It’s been a long weekend, and this week is going to be a long one too. I’m working on animations for a pretty awesome 2D fighting game for the iPhone. It’s just me doing the work of at least three people, and to make matters worse, Bioshock Infinite just came out. Oh yes, I will be playing lots of that game I can assure you, but I’m also going to have to give up sleep for the next few days to get my work done… Sigh, so much to do, so little time. WISH ME LUCK!

Anyone want to tell me what they’re playing this week?

-George V Berger


Fun fact: When playing an RPG video game, name at least one of your characters “Tom Waits” or “Lady Gaga” (or someone else funny and famous) and every time you level, you’ll get a message like “Tom Waits just reached level 15!” and the game becomes instantly funny.

-George V Berger


Today I played some Ni No Kuni, worked for 6 hours, played some Ni No Kuni, worked for another 4 hours, made today’s comic, played some CoD and am now updating this blog… I haven’t seen the light of day once. That and the fact that I woke up at 4am has resulted in a very grumpy George. Anyone wanna email me a hug? Or a faster computer? Or more video games?

George V Berger


Well here it is, the very first entry in my web comic/blog/whatever this should be called. I’m glad I finally carved out a little time to sit down and draw this thing, being a freelancer can really absorb your hours!

A little about myself: I’m a freelance artist mostly working in online and mobile games. I animate, illustrate and populate games with art, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had as a professional! I’m engaged to, quite possibly, the most beautiful girl on the East Coast. She’s a crazy cat lady so I’m taking care of three cats in our little one bedroom apartment… I know, I know.

Well I’m sure I’ll have more to say on other subjects later, so keep an eye on this page if the idle rants of an art geek interest you!

George V Berger


6 thoughts on “George Speaks

  1. Story idea – girl lying in bed asleep, guy barely visible by the glow of a computer monitor though a door or something, her foot is stretched toward his side of the bed, her dream thought bubble maybe translucent “zz??zz?” or something to denote that she’s asleep but has something on her mind. Second frame, basically same, maybe slightly different profile of him, her with the foot and whole leg over on his side of the bed, more “zz???zz???” or something to denote a little more on her mind, third frame he’s come to bed, her foot is against him, he’s lying on his back with his eyes open, her thought bubble is more like “zz!!zz!!”. Final frame, he’s asleep, she’s asleep, she’s facing away from him on her side, her foot is still against him, her bubble is “zzzzzzz” – she’s finally relaxed and they’re both happily asleep. Maybe Max asleep on his OTHER foot? She has a really sexy look the way you draw her – maybe convey some of that even under the covers ..

    • Lol, not bad. I draw her sexy because she totally is, it’s crazy I ended up with a bombshell like her. I AM trying to keep this comic sort of “low sex” though, I suppose. There are a few strips in the works that focus more on Alyssa soon 🙂

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