We’ve Moved!!

Hey there everyone!! I just wanted you all to know that I’ve set up a bigger better site for Awkward Love and I’m updating regularly. Come on over and see the new strip!


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This thing is looking good!

Hey everyone, things with AL are looking great so far and I’m really happy to have a few followers already. Here I was thinking this thing would go completely un-noticed! I’ve had a thought… If we can really get things moving and I can get some more followers, I’d love to really sit down and focus on this comic and get a lot of strips in the archives.

If I reach 200 followers in the next month, I’ll do a custom drawing for each of you, my awesome first followers ever!! I’m taking a screen shot now of who’s following Awkward Love, if you guys can help me spread the word, Alyssa and I would be one happy dorky couple!

Thanks for the support, everyone!!

George VB